Just did another awesome interview on CBS Radio with The Brother on Whatever and guest host Mark Dodson (voice of Salacious Crumb in Return of the Jedi)  CLICK HERE


Check out The Browncoats on CBS Radio for the Brothers on Whatever show


Whedonesque, an awesome site dedicated to the work of Joss Whedon, just posted a short review of our newest music video!
Click HERE


The oh so awesome Whedon world Blog call “Whedonesque” at just wrote a shiny review about our newest music video for the Firefly Theme “To the Black”

CLICK HERE to check it out!  Leave your comments!


The Firefly/Serenity Podcast “The Signal’s” most recent, and long awaited,  follow up interview with The Browncoats is now available for listening online!  Click Here

A special thanks to Les from the Signal and all the great listeners – follow up with some comments!!


Check out the latest live radio interview with The Browncoats on Westplex Radio ( MP3s Click Below:

Westplex Radio Interview 07302011 Part1

Westplex Radio Interview 07302011 Part2

Westplex Radio Interview 07302011 Part3

Westplex Radio Interview 07302011 Part4

3/12/2011 –, news from NYC Comic Con

Yesterday you might recall that I saw both Rob Dukes (from Exodus) and Claudio Sanchez (from Coheed & Cambria) at the Con.  Today I ran into these guys who call themselves The Browncoats.  They’re a Rock band from Saint Louis, Missouri.  I snared a copy of their CD today, so will likely review on the main part of the site.  They were working another booth but had their stuff along with them for good measure.  Smart idea.

The Browncoats


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